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Pearls require special care, this article is to explain how you should treat your gem, and help it keep its beauty.

Cleaning your Pearls

  • Only use Jewelry Cleaner labeled safe for Pearls, warm water and a natural bristle brush or manicure brush to clean your Pearls, scrub them gently.
  • Rinse very well under cold water.
  • Lay them on a clean, fresh towel / cotton cloth to air dry the Pearls.
  • To help them maintain their Luster and clean them safely and properly, we recommend specialty product Hagerty Pearl Clean .

One should always keep in mind that Pearls are an organic gem, they are soft, easily damaged and subject to deterioration from contact with chemicals.

We will go through the do’s and don’ts so you will know how to take care of your Pearl.

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  • Do store your Pearl in a soft pouch, or wrap them in a soft cloth or linen.
  • Do take off your Pearl Jewelry by grasping any metal part instead of the Pearl.
  • Do have your Pearl Jewelry restrung yearly if worn often.
  • Do wipe your Pearl with a soft cloth after wearing them.
  • Do wear your Pearl with love, try to remember that Pearl Jewelry should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.


  • Do not wear your Pearl when applying perfume, cosmetics or haircare products such as hairspray, these contain chemicals that will harm your Pearl.
  • Do not clean your Pearl with chemicals, detergents, bleaches, baking soda, or any other household cleaner. Also, do not use an ultrasonic cleaner, or steam clean them.
  • Do not wear your Pearl when showering or swimming.
  • Do not wear your Pearl when exercising, try keeping them away from perspiration.
  • Do not use a toothbrush, scouring pad or any abrasive material to clean your Pearl, this can damage your Pearl.
  • Do not wear any rough fabrics as this fabric may damage the surface of your Pearl. The rule is: Be aware of what you wear.
  • Do not leave your Pearl close to any direct source of heat.
  • Do not store your Pearl loose next to other Jewelry in a Jewelry box, the Pearl may get scratched.
  • Do not store your Pearl in a safe or another place with a very dry environment; the “too” dry conditions may dry out your Pearl causing the Pearl to crack, small fractures may develop. Also do not store them in airtight plastic bags. Here the rule simply is: Pearls need a little moisture.
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