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Welcome to Pearl Universe, your online store for Pearl Jewelry, originated from our own Love for Pearls

It was in the Spring of 2016 when I wanted to surprise my wife with a unique and romantic gift to celebrate our 1-Year wedding anniversary.

My mind was set on Jewelry, giving a piece of Jewelry is a beautiful and classic way of showing the one you love how much they mean to you, but I wanted something unique, something magnificent, something one of a kind.


In my search I came across Pearls, Pearl Jewelry, a single Pearl Hanger, the Pearl as Jewelry intrigued me. What is a Pearl, why is it so glamorous? And why so appealing in such a mysterious way?

I was sold, the Pearl became the perfect gift to surprise my beloved one with. And when her eyes met the Pearl I had chosen for her, she was mesmerized, it was a big success!

It took me a long time however, to find her that perfect Pearl, to find a shop where I could even find something affordable, yet beautiful. I shared this quest with my wife, and how I eventually had to buy one abroad and how much effort it took to find this piece.

My wife had, just as me, also fallen in love with Pearls by now, and an idea was born over a glass of wine that we should start our own Pearl Shop. It was not long before Pearl Universe was born. We learned a lot, made many contacts, and we are still learning. Each new Pearl we get into our hands we adore, and we treat with care and respect, in hope that it may be that one special Pearl, for that one special person.


Jan Baars and Nicole Baars-Jankowski


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